Sophie Sherwin 
                      Life Mentor | Author

“A Life Beyond Fear is a Life with Freedom”

Hey, I am Sophie and I am an author and Life Mentor. Through my life I have said yes to many opportunities and let my inner adventurer guide me. I have recognised and embraced that I  have an insatiable appetite for new experiences which has fuelled my creativity and made my writing powerful, funny, inspirational, heartwarming and so so raw. I mostly write about what I know and have experienced.

I wrote my book last year as I wanted to tell my mums story about her travels around the US and Canada back in 1958 when she was just 19 years old. She and 2 friends threw on some backpacks and hitchedhiked with not a lot of money from Canada to Mexico experiencing life, meeting incredible people and luckily for me she diarised their adventures.

She passed away just over 11 years ago, and last Summer I felt a little lost in my life so I decided to re-connect with her through those adventures. Putting fear, any sensible thoughts aside, and my stuff in storage, off I went and travelled with her diaries to all the places she did 61 years earlier. I noticed how things had changed or not changed but most importantly of all diarising my own adventures and ‘There’s Always a Hitch’ was written. Little did I know that I would be living the title. For mum and the girls there was always a hitchhike and for me there was always a ‘hitch’ and how I overcome them.

Through my mentoring, writing a blog and the book, my mission is to inspire high achieving, affluent women who may feel frustrated, stuck and fearful to put themselves out there, get in touch with their inner adventurer and have the courage to do something they may have dismissed before. Fear keeps us stuck but going beyond it gives us freedom.

 Have a bucket list you have always wanted to tick off? Well, lets get started!

“We had the pleasure of Sophie leading a workshop on the topic of dealing with fear for the Lean In Vienna Network. It was amazing the way that Sophie was able to get at the root of the problem such that you develop an understanding on how to work on your own mindset! I was blown away by the way in which Sophie was able to help us understand how certain, often thought to be meaningless behaviours relate to your emotions. Not only was it a revelatory experience but it was fun and very real – easily actionable in your daily life! When it comes to developing a healthy mindset that will enable you to thrive, I certainly recommend Sophie Sherwin!”

Cyndi, Lean In Vienna Co ordinator

“Dahlings…….I am here for my Scene!”

Chapter 4 – There’s Always a Hitch

Such an inspiration.
This book is amazing. It is so inspirational. Really easy to read, with great photos. I haven’t been able to put it down & didn’t want it to end.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone.
Amazon Customer