Want to get to the top of your game?

Want more success in your life?

Sophie Sherwin | DEFIANCE COACH

Hey, I am Sophie and I have some questions to get your creative juices flowing……

  • Do you think and feel differently from other people?
  • Do you feel frustrated, angry, bitter, disappointed with your life?
  • Would you like to find out who you are and your purpose?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you do not fit it?
  • Are you a creative out of box thinker and want to use this brilliance instead of conforming?

I answered yes to all the above for a long time so I have been where you are right now, completely frustrated with my life. Feeling stuck but seeing everyone else’s life appear to be working and moving forward. I would then change something in my life but still not be satisfied, something felt……..missing.

Oh yes, that was it……..a big fucking dollap of ME 

That was what was wrong – I did not really know who I was and why I did what I did. If I felt or acted out of my life design then my ego would correct it back to how it ‘should’ be – that is why I felt stuck. I could not get out of the pattern of life that is not me!

Yeah sure – you can go to coaches, join webinars, read those self help books or let your mind rule your life but I can let you know right now – nothing will change!

I now have a whole lot of freedom, success and I love me – both inside and outside and a big, huge smile on my face!

I help defy your limiting beliefs and I am going to throw out all of that BS you have learnt that involves you keeping small and doing what everyone else is doing.

“Give yourself permission to do what you want and not what others want you to do”
  • Understand how to manage your triggers
  • Make decisions easily and effortlessy
  • Have better and deeper connections
  • You will feel satisfied, be successful, surprised and at peace
  • Get up every day energised saying “Hell yes……I love myself and my life!!!”

I started to write the content of my website and I thought STOP….I was sprouting the words the you hear everyday, the ‘coach’ speak, blah, blah and I was getting irritated. I am not like everyone else, I am ME. I have my own way of working with you which is not like everyone else and if I was not true to me then I would not be genuine and you would not get any value of working with me.

I celebrate your uniqueness, your foibles, shadows and every single cell you have. All those make you who you are and I am totally honoured to go on a journey with you, with shits and giggles and watch a transformation take place. Be Inspired to be Unique!

“You were born with a blueprint of brilliance.”
What a wonderful person. I did not even know what was wrong with my life, I just was not really happy. Sophie kept asking questions and giving me challenges to accomplish. I feel I am finally a complete person, free to fully experience life.

How we work together

Not only have I trained in Psychology, Psychotherapy, have a health coaching certificate, I also have incredible intuition and I generate and read Human Design charts. I get inquisitive but I also get real with you and I ask from you to get real and honest with yourself. I can not fix you, we work together and you are held accountable. That is where the magic happens with long term results.

Sophie always has great and easy to implement advice. Both myself and my partner have been lucky enough to benefit from her natural talent to make other peoples lives happier. She is an incredibly generous and giving person. Sophie was born to inspire.

Do you want to know how my journey bought me Success and Freedom?

This is not really about me but I hope my story will inspire you and know that I have been through shit, though, it has all made me who I am today –

I said ‘fuck you’ to death……..twice

My father died when I was 4 years old

I am a survivor of sexual abuse and rape

My mother who was my best friend and hero died just over 10 years ago

Quit my job after 11.5 years, sold my flat and left my life

  • Defeated – zero
  • Sophie – one a few times