This is a 40 minute call with me to figure out what is going on in your life, what needs to change.

I don’t mess around but I do listen. You will get so much out of it


Accountability Mentoring


Do you find yourself starting a project but never finishing it? Or struggling to stay on track? I can be your accountability mentor. We will have a 50 minute call once a week for 6 weeks which will keep you on the waggon! Have a think about how much time and money you will save.

Hello You

Introduction to who you are


You will get a Human Design chart and an email with your type, strategy and authority. This will give you a better understanding of who you are and how you can make decisions easier and freely so you can become more successful in life.

I Like What I'm Seeing.....

In-depth into who you are and your life purpose


Human Design Chart and Reading with a 50 minute call which will look more in-depth into who you are and how you rock n’roll. Then you get a 30 minute support call after it has all soaked in. As well as everything from the ‘Hello You’ package, you will also know your life purpose.

I'm Freeeeeeeeee..........

I Choose Me!


This is the ultimate package where you get unconditional love from me. in addition to the chart and reading you also get 50 minute calls twice a month for 3 months. In between sessions I have still got you, so I will not leave you hanging and will give you support. We will dive deep and watch the magic unfold. This is bespoke and very individual - it will all be lead by you! We will look into who you are and what your purpose is then we figure out how to unlearn all the shit you have learnt to move away from who you are. Warning - you will become more successful, happier, fulfilled and confident - do you think you can handle that?

I get it, boy do I do, you are not sure about me, my value, if I can help you or if you can change – so many mind fucks to make a decision huh? Here is a little secret – let your mind be a researcher, your body a guide and your intuition your decision maker…..all sounds too easy though?  So if your mind is insisting that you can not spend any of your hard earned cash on any of the above packages then I have something else for you. I have a 5 email sequence that pops into your inbox every other day titled……..

‘How to stop fucking up your life and be more successful’

It is lower cost but it does hit a punch and you will get a lot out of it – click the button to the link! See you on the otherside.