We are in a collective consciousness of fear right now, some of it is being farmed and handed out like a pill to take from all different angles. We pop it in as we do not know what else to do. Fear keeps us stuck, it keeps us small but it keeps us conformed. We are now seeing people rebelling as the fear is taking hold even stronger, which then breeds resentment and anger from others and it goes around in circles and repeat.

Aside from the fear of the actual virus itself which is a complete unknown and the more we try to understand it, the more we lack information. There are so many questions which are going unanswered about the spread, the ending and how to deal with it.
Fear is sprouting from a lack of control over our lives. We are being controlled not only by institutions we may or may not agree with but also by our minds. The instability and uncertainty is keeping the fear alive. So many people are worried about their future, their financial situation, relationships and about if and when life will get back to normal. Change cultivates fear and the lack of trust and knowing that all is going to be okay. This is all normal! It would surely be great to learn how to cope with it so it does not consume you. So you can invite it to the table and acknowledge it is there instead of distracting from it?

I do not engage in the collective fear as I live a hermit life. I have not for a long time watched news for any length of time and I am happy with the short term social distancing, speaking on the phone to friends and family often. I keep myself grounded and I do not take on other people’s fears. That does not mean I do not feel it or have it in my life but I am not a victim and it does not overtake my life. When it does creep in it fills my soul and my being. It feels like it is a dark cloak ready to encompass me at any moment. It can seemingly come from nowhere or it can be triggered like a switch. It is like a being that sits on my shoulder and puts his hands over my eyes so I can not see opportunities or goodness, it puts its hands over my ears so I can not listen to help and my soul whispering and lastly it puts its hands over my mouth so I can not speak my truth. It can feel so powerful but really it is my mind that makes it more empowered until I shift it and only then can I return to normal.

I have learnt how to deal with fear in a way it does not rule my life and I would love to support you and teach you how to overcome it when it creeps into your being.

I would love to teach you how to free yourself from the time and energy it consumes.

Fear is natural but it is the way you respond to it that will determine how powerful it becomes. How would you feel if you could put your energy into things that feed your soul? To start planning your living your purpose? I can do just that!

I teach 3 effective, tried and tested ways that you can implement right now to overcome fear but here is a snippet


  • Stop! Physically and ask ‘what do you need right now’? This will bring you back to the present as we tend to borrow fear from the future.


  • Invite the Fear to the Table – visualise a dinner table and parts of yourself are sitting there and you are all dining together. Invite fear to sit with you and join you. The theory of this is, if you acknowledge it, it will be disempowered.


  • Whose Fear is it? Are you watching or listening to too much media? Is the current situation or a fearful situation all you talk about? If so, limit it. Otherwise it will seep into your psyche and being and you do not want or need that. You want your psyche and being to be full of satisfaction and contentment so you can live your purpose.

These 3 tools may seem so simple but I can guarantee they pack a punch and are very powerful.

“A Life Beyond Fear is a Life with Freedom” #sophfree

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