I have found myself in a situation where I am job hunting. I can not actually remember the last time I looked but it was certainly over 20 years ago!

In my experience so far it certainly is a job in itself and mostly the world of job hunting is full of rejection, smoke and mirrors, time wasting but also a great way to really look at yourself, your values and what you do and do not want in life.

My entrepreneurial adventure is still active but on a back burner for now and I am now a service user of all of these new entrepreneurs, soloprenuers, bollockspreneurs, smokeandmirrorpreneurs…..the list is endless.

Days are gone of going to your local agency in your area, sitting with an advisor with a lovely cup of tea, going through your CV knowing they will actually hunt for a job for you. They invest in you as much as you invest in them. They earnt their money from the companies putting trust in them to find their perfect employee match. Now sadly, I have wasted so much time and effort going to ‘interviews’ with these so called boutique agencies, they promise they have the perfect roles and they are going to find you the best job ever then………crickets……I contact them every couple of weeks as I was told many years ago to keep you fresh in their minds but still…….crickets.

They tell me to keep looking at their website and sending the ‘codes’ of the jobs which look interesting to me and they will put me forward for them but…….crickets. I thought one role of an agency is that they will be specialised in seeing your CV and knowing what would be a good fit and that is part of the reason for this ‘interview’ but what do they actually do? I am the one who is applying for their jobs, I am the one contacting them and quite frankly – getting thoroughly pissed off and can not be bothered to keep contacting them. I want them to tell me what they are doing, why I am not getting the jobs I am asking to apply to – that would be my priority for having or working in an agency.

The other option for hunting for a job back in the day was to look in your local paper or back of the magazines – shit – I really am old! Eek! Now we have to search different platforms for jobs which is pretty overwhelming but it then sends you to really awful third party website recruitment sites with garish colours, totally non-user friendly typeface or to apply for the job. Or you apply and attach your CV then you have to give them a reason why you want the job – isn’t it fucking obvious? We need money, we are not happy in our current roles, need a change etc – It is all such a waste of time unless you are very good writing the perfect bio. Hundreds of times pressing the apply button, it goes on and on – it really can dent the self confidence – you just need a chance!!! But you are just a number.

However, the plus side of job hunting is that you need to really figure out what you want, what your values are and it can become a life detox or retox, getting rid of what you do not want but going for what you do want. It is a great time and opportunity to get to know yourself, how you work not just about your strengths and weaknesses but how you interact with others, what type of environment are you most comfortable in, is money or time more important? What are your goals? What is your life purpose but one huge piece of advice – do not make job decisions when in fear.

Good luck and do not give up……

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