I will be forever grateful to Sophie! I was stuck with my family, my job and with my life. I was living someone else’s life and really did not know how to find myself again. Sophie opened a window for me and the rest of the puzzle started coming together. Now I am finally free!

How would you feel if you conquered your ultimate bucket list goal?

Welcome to my page. I know you are busy so I will get straight to the point and not waffle on with any marketing bs. You have come here as you are either just curious or you have realised you want more in life. The world as we know it has changed and many of you are thinking about your life, where you are at, what is important to you and what you want. I think we realise that making memories and our time are the hot topics right now.

So, where are you right now? Do you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life? Is there something missing? Maybe you said yes to some of your life, or no to all.

Do you want to have more fun in your life?

Do you want to have the balls to do something you have always wanted to do?

Do you want more excitement, adventure, memories, to meet new like minded people, empowerment, have more passion and to wake up to life?

Do you want to say YES to opportunities?

This is your chance to fulfil that burning urge to do something great, to tick an item off your bucket list, go on an adventure or simply fulfil your purpose.


Do you allow fear to be used as an excuse for not saying yes to life?

Do you find yourself saying – ‘I do not have time’ or ‘I do not have any money’ or ‘I will fail’ or ‘I don’t have anyone to do it with’?

I have said all the above and 96 more excuses but in the end I do not let my fear hold me back.

An example of this is that when I left my job after 11.5 years, I decided to have a go at being an entrepreneur and my ultimate goal was to have freedom. I used to sit there at my desk sifting through invitations to go for business lunches, women’s lunches or just hang out with friends and be jealous I could not go as I only had 1 hour. Or, go off travelling alone or with friends when I wanted.  I felt trapped, unfulfilled, resentful and fearful that my life was passing me by and I was not on the fun boat. I finally had enough and wanted the freedom to travel, go for the lunches, not to have to get up for an alarm clock. When I began my new adventure, I was loving it but then something happened, I developed a fear of flying……..oh, the irony! I know – that clearly did not stop me having the local lunches but it did put a dampner on my travel plans. Due to business, training and ‘discovering new places’,  I found I was flying every couple of weeks and the more I flew, the more anxiety I had. I tried hypnotherapy, red wine, drugs, relaxation techniques but nothing worked, However, I never let my fear stop me from getting on the flight. Through flying I have travelled to some incredible places, met amazing people, soaked up different cultures, got an array of stunning photographs, experienced things I would never have done had I let my fear of flying held me back.

How do I conquer my fear? I have a bucket full of tricks and these are what I would teach you in my mentoring programme.

I always think, there are 3 types of fear –

Situational fear – if you are faced with a chronic illness, someone you love is terminal or if you are broke and face homelessness – this fear is dealt with in a very special way with compassion, self care, support and listening.

Irrational fear – this is where you borrow fear and use it to keep you stuck, you borrow fear from the future. For example – at the top of your bucket list is that you want to be on X Factor or a well known televised talent show but your fear stops you from entering, even though it may forward your career and purpose in life. So, the application form is kept in your drawer and the yearning continues. For this, we would strip back the reason for the fear and use nuggets to get you to overcome it, hand hold you through bringing the fear to the table and hold you accountable.

Normal fear – fear of the unknown but you will do it anyway, you will use coping mechanisms in order to get through the fear. There is often anxiety associated with this and we can explore this more. Does it not sound better if you can feel the fear of the unknown, do it anyway and let it go without the anxiety?

My name is Sophie and I can promise you that your life will change. I have different ways in which we can do that, you have to decide. Think about how you want to feel, then use that to empower your decision.

Not only have I trained in Psychology, dabbled in Psychotherapy, have a health coaching certificate, I also have incredible intuition and I can read Human Design charts. I get inquisitive but I also get real with you and I ask from you to get real and honest with yourself. I can not fix you, we work together and you are held accountable. That is where the magic happens with long term results.

I have also ticked off items of my bucket list which I had to face fear in order to do – give up a high paid job and start a business, speak in front of 300 people, take an acting class in LA, move abroad, write and publish a book are to name a few.

If you are still just curious, then give me a call and we can talk more. There will be no sales speak, no asking you to take out a second mortgage to afford me, no selling to your fears, I can guarantee that and if you do not like the free exploratory call – you get your money back!

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”.     Nelson Mandela

And remember – You can not fail – you can only fail to start

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Something is not quite right in your life?
What a wonderful person. I did not even know what was wrong with my life, I just was not really happy. Sophie kept asking questions and giving me challenges to accomplish. I feel I am finally a complete person, free to fully experience life.

Sophie always has a great and easy way to implement advice. Both myself and my partner have been lucky enough to benefit from her natural talent to make other people’s lives happier. She is an incredibly generous and giving person. Sophie was born to inspire.