My Big Fat Journey

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” Carl Jung

I have spent many, many years healing through therapy, coaching and mentorships but I have found that one of the best healing processes for me has been to question where my life is and what is my behaviour doing? I always watch behaviour as it is the unconscious – I check is it supporting or contradicting my desires? Usually my body tells me something is not right, so then I ask questions, see how it responds and then it gives me the answer. It is not always easy to trust my body as I had disconnected from it for a long time due to ‘trust issues’.

The quote above from the very fabulous Carl Jung is very pointient and relevant – I chose to become who I am supposed to be. The person before people, situations and life conditioned me away from. You too have that choice. Holy shit it is not easy but is living in constant fear or frustration easy or better? If you did choose to you will reap the rewards of feeling satisfied, at peace, surprised and successful over and over.

I could never understand why I did not ‘fit in’ or did not really get why people want to conform and do what everyone else is doing. When I look back on my life – my natural state was always to do my own thing but then my ego would send me back on the ‘conditioned path’ which caused me to be more miserable.

Please note – when I mention about not conforming – I am not meaning going against the law or social morals – what I mean is not to be caged into the expectations and following the crowd. I am a great believer in celebrating the unique, not influencing them to be like everyone else.

I started saying ENOUGH by giving up a conventional life a few years ago and since then it has been a huge journey for me, I have nearly had a breakdown, lost count of how many times I have changed my business, lost any sense of who I am, lost a lot of money, moved countries 4 times and have met and dated such ‘interesting’ (scary face) men. At times it has been so tough I wanted to go back to who I was but when I think about it – what I have gone through not just in the last 3 years but in my life, alongside my studies and insatiable need for experiences and new cultures has bought me to where I stand today.

As a Defiance Coach

My passion and mission is to teach you how to be proud of who you are, fulfill your life purpose and just get oodles of fun, sex, friends, money, success and whatever else you want. I want you to say ‘fuck you’ to conforming and get out of the shackles of ‘should’. You come to me because you really have had enough and I only work with you if you are ready. I want to inspire you to be unique and I want to start a revolution on not conforming.