Yes there will be swearing…..

I thought I would let you know about the week I have had. I really can not make this shit up…….as a friend asked me – why does all of this keep happening to you? I laughed and told her that is why I am such a font of knowledge and solutions…..because I go through them! I do not choose of course for any of this to happen but it adds to my repertoire of ‘what to do if……’

So, it begins last week, I have to get my newly revamped website live so I go through the motion of getting the DNS pointed , blah, blah, blah but my emails stop working. This has happened before and it was fixed easily but oh…….not his time. Instead of getting it fixed, I manage to get the biggest moron on the end of the phone to completely screw up my emails. I will not bore you with all the details but basically it ended up that I lost all my emails from one of my email addresses and at no time did he mention they should be backed up. This has caused me to lose a lot of money. 8 – 9 telephone frantic telephone calls later I realise there really is no hope of recovering them. This takes 2 whole days and a sleepless night to come to the realisation.

Emails – 0

Wine consumption – far too much……

Thinking that not a lot more can happen – along comes Sunday. First of all, I have to turn down a business opportunity which I was so disappointed in having to do, then the wifi in my flat stops working which makes my mood even worse as I am trying to do some ‘catch up work’ after the last fiasco. However, I can’t so I grab my phone and go for a walk. I walked along the beach and was beginning to relax so I decided to call my brother and catch up with him. I was walking along with my phone in my pocket, listening to my brother when I suddenly realised he had stopped talking and there was nothing on the end of my earphones anymore. My first thought was that it had dropped out so of course I turned and frantically started looking but nope…..I had been pickpocketed…whilst on the phone!!……panic started to set in as I have everything on that phone, so my instinct was to get back home to try to wipe it and change passwords as soon as possible. The walk seemed to take forever, I think it was actually only 20 minutes but it felt like hours. I was f*****g furious too. Angry at myself for not having it in my hand and violated that people have access to all that information and even more pissed off that it was a new phone and expensive! That evening going in and out of wifi – annoying the shit out of me trying to go through all apps changing passwords. I think we need to re-write the list of most stressful situations and put – number 1 losing phone and knowing you are never going to see it again and number 2 having terrible wifi….

Another sleepless night and friends helping me out, calling my mobile operators (because of the wifi, I could not get online and how are you supposed to let them know to stop your sim card if you do not have a phone!?!) I thought I had reached the other side and again that nothing possibly could go wrong. The next day was mission new handset – so, I bought a new one without an ounce of excitement, it was like I would rather be having my foot amputated than fork out the kind of money these companies want nowadays, but I handed over my credit card with half a grimace and explain I had my phone stolen and hoping he would say – ‘oh no, so sorry to hear that, here, have this handset for free…..’ but no – nothing… acknowledgement.

I think to myself, okay, stuff happens at least I have a couple of appointments I was really looking forward to but – you guessed it – one of them cancels. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

Tuesday rolls on and I am going to the train to get to my last ray of happiness, my last appointment and the trains are all cancelled………

Honestly – you can NOT make this up!!!

So, I sit here laughing as I have cried too much – I think the universe is having a giggle, no actually a big fat belly laugh at me or I can think this is all for a reason…..hmmmmmm…..lets see.

I know, I know, I hear you say, these are all Western world problems and there are always people worse off but it does not take the fact away that when you are in the thick of all the shit – it feels like the world is going to end…….

Phone stolen – 1

Wifi issues – 1

All joy and happiness cancelled – 1

Business opportunity gone – 1

Wine hugs – 0

Life throws us these challenges but we keep going. There are many different ways of coping – what is yours? Is it internal or external?


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